Library Services

OPAC: Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) service is now available at Eastern University Library. Any user can access EU Library OPAC and can know about the collection of the Library from anywhere. To search OPAC please visit
Institutional Repository: Eastern University Library established a rich digital Institutional Repository using Greenstone Digital Library Software by the EU library professionals with the help of Digital Library Network South Asia (DLNETSA). The digital library includes e-books, journals, newsletters, theses, internship reports, images, news clippings, audio, video, EU publications and external publications of EU family. External publications of EU family cover books and articles written by teachers, students and researchers of EU and the number of articles and books of these repositories are increasing day by day. To explore institutional repositories please visit
Online Journal & e-Book: Students, faculty members and other patrons can access and download research publications (e-journals, magazines, reports & bulletins) and e-books through any PC within all campuses of Eastern University from the following databases published by various internationally reputed publishers through the link All registered members of EU Library get access to online journals and e-books databases through intranet and internet from inside campus and outside campus by using MyAthens.  
Lending Service: Library members are entitled to borrow books and other reading materials for their own use through web-based online lending and receiving services. The users can also check their borrowing status, renew issued resources and can reserve two books at a time for 48 hours through the library website. It also provides auto email alert services. Library materials cannot be borrowed on behalf of others.
Library Website: Eastern University Library Website is developed using Drupal Content Management System (CMS). Users can read major national and international newspapers, magazines, TV news and enjoy all web-based facilities of the Library through the website
Instant Messaging Service: EU Library provides Instant Messaging Service from 11am. to 01 pm. every working day through the library website.
Audio Visual Service: Library users may issue or copy CD/DVD and audio visual materials.
Internet Facility: Apart from the EU computer lab, there is an internet browsing corner inside the library to provide internet services through WIFI & WIMAX technology.
Reading Room Facilities: EU Library maintains three reading areas which are silent study area, group study area and teachers’ corner whereas the total seating capacity is about 164.
Reference Service: Reference materials (Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Newspapers, Journals, Magazines, Reports, Theses, etc.) are for use inside the library; they cannot be issued out. Users may borrow books /CD/DVDs marked as Confined for few hours through ID card for photocopying.
Current Awareness Service: The library regularly keeps its users aware of the new arrivals of resources and services through current awareness service (CAS) using modern techniques and technologies.
Information Retrieval Service: Information retrieval services are available for all users.
News Clipping Service: News clipping services on important issues and subjects are provided on regular basis for library users. In addition, there is a newspaper-corner inside the library where leading daily Newspapers are available for users. Library users may also get previous issues of newspapers up to the last one year.
Printing Service: Students can take printouts of their required documents on payment.
Photocopy Service: The library provides photocopy facilities of library resources to the users if it is permitted under the national and international copyright laws, rules and regulations.
Library Information Literacy Program: The library arranges library orientation program every semester for the new students to demonstrate how to use the university library systems and services effectively. It also arranges library information literacy class among the teachers, students and staff members.